Trefzger Family Links

Our first link is with Simon Trefzger, Sr. who was born in 1788 in Wehr, Baden. He married Julianna Gruny in 1813.
Simon and Julianna had 10 children: Joseph, Theresia, Julianna, Franziska, Catharina, Johann, Maria Anna, Anton, Simon and Felix.

Saturday April 11, 1853 was a special day for the Trefzgers. Sons Johann married Maria Weber and Simon married Katharina Scherr in St. Martins Catholic Church.
Later that year Simon and Katharina's first child, little Mary Luise was born. Late the following year their second child, Emma Lena was born.

In 1855 Simon Trefzger, his wife and 2 children, (Maria Luisa and Emma Lina), his brother Anton Trefzger 26 years old, and sister Maria Anna Trefzger 29 years old, were off to America. The date was March 31, 1855.

Simon and Katharina had 12 children (4 died at birth or very young). The 8 who grew to adults were: Mary Louise, Emma, Adolph, Charles, Anna, Rudy, Fred and Nellie.

Nellie Trefzger married George Berger in 1897. Their children were: John N., Marcia, George(Jr), Alfred, Adel, Carl, and Richard.

In 1899 Fred Trefzger married Tillie Berger. Their children were: Fran, Herb, and Elsa.

Fran or Franz Trefzger married Marie Niland. Their children are: Patricia and Susan.
Herb Trefzger married Bertha Heinzman. Their children are: Jerry, Jim and Paul.
Elsa Trefzger married Walter Meyer. Their children are: Jeff and Linda.

Also included are links to Charles Trefzger's family: Charles family.