'Marie' Mary Luise Trefzger Bauer
born 1854, died 1945

Marie was born Maria Luise Trefzger on September 7,1853 in Wehr,Baden. On February 20, 1879 she married Paul Bauer in Peoria, IL. She died November 16, 1945 in Peoria, IL.

"She was the oldest child and married Paul O. Bauer. This was the first marriage in the newly established Sacred Heart Church. This fact was authenticated by an examination of the church records. It is also mentioned in the recently published “History of Sacred Heart Church" under the "Firsts” in the congregation. The first record of Paul 0. Bauer appears in 1877 when he was a clerk for Johnston & Scandreth, dealers in boots and shoes, at 123 S. Adams Street. He lived at 106 N. Monroe Street , a short distance from the Trefzger home. As neighbors, he and Mary became acquainted. Later he became a clerk in the boot and shoe store of Charles Qualman at 107 S. Adams Street. He resided, with his wife, at 708 Fourth Street. In 1881-2 he became manager of that shoe store and moved to 106 S. Monroe Street which is the northerly half of the house bought by his father-in-law, Simon Trefzger. Records show that 106 S. Monroe was a residence before Simon Trefzger purchased it. This refutes the statement sometimes heard that Simon Trefzger, after purchasing the property, added on this ha1f of the house. In 1883-4 Paul 0. Bauer entered into a partnership with his brother-in-law, Adolph, under the firm name of "Bauer & Trefzger” dealers in boots and shoes, at 311 Main Street. This firm continued until sometime in 1887 at which time Adolph took over the business as his individual business. About that same time, Mary moved in with her father on S. Monroe Street. In 1902 she worked as solicitor for her brother, Adolph, in his insurance business. In 1906, after Adolph's death, she became a partner in the business. Frances, widow of Adolph, was the other partner. The directory shows that during one year, Fred, her brother, also was a partner. Mary carried on the business for many years. She was active, mentally and physically until the time of her death." by Paul Bourscheidt (1956)

After being married 8 years and in business with his brother-in-law Paul Bauer went on a business trip to New York City and never came back. We do not know what happened to Paul.

"The story was that, after being abandoned by her husband, Great Aunt Mary paid off the building debt to her father by selling insurance. This story was told with pride by her younger sister, Anna." by Ann Berger Frutkin

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