Trefzger Families: TCW_Charles

    Charles William Trefzger
born 1860, died 1941

Charles was born February 16, 1860, Peoria, IL. On June 10,1890 he married Sophia Schifeling in Peoria, IL. He died July 21,1941 in Peoria, IL. Charles and Sophia had 4 children: Marie Magdalen (born and died 4/1/1892), Marie Anna (6/13/1893-10/17/1977) , Florence Elizabeth (7/6/1894-1/31/1996) and Charles Joseph, Sr. (9/19/1896-9/6/1976).

"Charles W. Trefzger was one of Simon Trefzger’s sons; he was born in 1860. He married Sophie Schifeling in 1890. Children were Marie (born 1893, died 1977; never married); Florence (born 1894, died 1996) and our grandfather Charles Joseph (“Joe Sr.,” born 1896, died 1976 just short of his 80th birthday). The children were all raised in a house at 1015 Ellis Street in Peoria; we think Charles W. and Sophie had the house built. Charles W’s brother Fritz – lived next door, in the house to the north, address was presumably 1017 Ellis but we’re not sure. Sophie died in 1900, just a few years after Joe was born. Her mother and sister, Grandma Schifeling and Aunt Mary Schifeling, were among women in the family who played important roles in helping raise the children. Marie lived at 1015 Ellis for her entire 84-year life, after which the house was sold outside the family."**

Sophia died when their children were 4 1/2, 7 and 8 years old. A parade of caregivers including their Grandmother Shifeling and her daughter, Mary, followed by his widowed sister, Emma Schmidt amd her sons. Emma's oldest son, Charles, died in 1904. Later their oldest daughter Marie was old enough to care for the younger children and do the cooking.

Around 1874 Charles completed his formal schooling and became an apprentice in his father, Simon's ,bakery. During the next seven years he was employed in each department of the business, qualifying himself to become a partner with his father in 1890, when he purchased his father's interest. Under his leadership the bakery continued its retail business and added a wholesale dimension. The retail store was on the corner of Main and Monroe Street, with the wholesale division having an office on Monroe Street.

Charles owned and operated the Bakery until the mid-1920s, when his son, C. Joseph, Sr. took over the reins and operated the business.

Charles' daughter, Marie Anna, lived at 1015 Ellis, caring for her father during his lifetime, and beyond to her death in 1977.

Charles and Sophia were born, reared and married in Peoria, Illinois. The first three children were born above the bakery at Main and Monroe, across the street from the U. S. Post Office.

"The first reference to him (Charles) in the directory is in 1879 where he is listed as "KARL” a baker at 523 Main Street. In 1867 he is listed as a partner in the firm of Trefzger & Son. In 1890, after his marriage, he took over the business of his father and moved upstairs where his father formerly lived. In May 1896 he moved to 109 Ellis Street where he resided until his death. His daughter, Marie, still resides there. In 1904 he moved the bakery around the corner to 102 S. Monroe Street. But since people would not go "around the corner," in 1906 he again moved back to Main Street. In 1909 he occupied both the Main Street and S. Monroe Street addresses." by Paul Bourscheidt (1956).

Census Notes:
At the time of the 1880 Census there was a Charles Trefzger (baker) in Cincinnati, OH.
In the 1900 Census Charles and Sophia were in Ward 5, Peoria, IL. Marie, Florence and Joseph were with them.
In 1910 Charles, Marie, Florence and Joe were at home.
In the 1920 census Charles, Marie, and Joe were at home.
In the 1930 Census Charles and Marie were in the home.

Originally Charles' house number was 109 Ellis. Later the Post Office changed it to 1015 Ellis.

** by Tom Trefzger, Jr & 'Butch' Joseph William Trefzger

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