Elsa Marie Trefzger
born 1910, died 2006

Elsa Marie Trefzger was born in Cincinnati on Berger Hill on 11/7/1910. Her family rented a second floor apartment at 1966 Queen City Avenue in a building designed and built by Jack Sheblessy.

Shortly after Elsa was born the family bought a home on Lischer Avenue in Westwood. When Elsa was 6 years old she started grade school at St. Catherine's. In 1920 when Elsa was almost 10 years old the family bought a home at 3450 Cheviot Avenue where she lived until she was married.

After finishing grade school Elsa went to Hughes High School and then to the University of Cincinnati studying Interior Decorating, and graduating in 1932. After graduating Elsa worked as an Interior Decorator and sold antiques.

In 1929 Fred & Tillie Trefzger took Elsa and Adel Berger to Europe.

On June 6,1935 Elsa married Walter J. Meyer,Jr. and moved to an apartment in College Hill.

When Wally went into the service during the 2nd world war Elsa and Jeff moved in with her father and mother at 3450 Cheviot Ave.

Elsa's mother died July 13,1946. Shortly after this Elsa and Wally remodeled the first floor of 3450 Cheviot Ave. removing the walls between the entrance hall, living room, and dining rooms. They also remodeled the kitchen, changing the entrance to the kitchen, put in a toilet room on the first floor, and added a 2 car cement garage with a patio on top of the garage.

In 1952 the family bought the Eckerle homestead on Berger Hill. Sometime afterward Elsa & Wally enclosed the front porch of the home and turned it into a bar. Elsa continued to lived in the Eckerle home until 1995.

Wally died on June 19,1974. A little over two years later Elsa married Willard Gervers on September 11,1976. In 1995 Elsa and Willard moved into an apartment in the Four Towers complex up the street on Queen City Ave.

After an auto accident Elsa went to Charlotte to live with Jeff for about 6 months to recuperate. While she was in Charlotte Willard's son moved Willard into a room at Bridgeway Pointe. Elsa came back to Cincinnati and also moved into Bridgeway Pointe. Willard died in early 2004 and Elsa moved to Charlotte, NC in the fall of 2004.

Elsa was a beautiful woman. She loves people and has a lovely smile for everyone.

Elsa died in Charlotte November 7, 2006 on her 96th birthday.

Census Notes:
Wally shows up in the 1920 census as a 10 year old living with his parents.
The 1930 census lists Elsa living with her parents.

To see Elsa's obituary and more photos go to www.mem.com and enter 'Gervers'.

Fred's 'Stories'
Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.
For information about 'Gene sells the Eckerle Houe to Elsa' see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.68".

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