'Anna' Sophia Helen Trefzger
born 1867, died 1966

'Anna' was born Sophia Helen Trefzger on December 1, 1867 in Wehr,Baden. She died Sepetember 19, 1966 in Peoria, IL.

"In 1887 and 1888 she worked for her father as a clerk in the bakery. After that she stayed at home 1ooking after her parents and undertaking the management of the household. She took time to develop her artistic talents and devoted much of her time to china painting. Later she devoted her spare time to oil paintings. She stayed at the homestead until illness necessitated her going to the hospital for care and treatment. At this writing she is in the St. Francis Hospital." by Paul Bourscheidt (1956).

Anna had to go from the hospital to a nursing home. The old Trefzger homestead at 116-120 S. Monroe Ave. was sold in 1956 to cover the cost of nursing home care for Anna. She lived at the nursing home for about 10 years.

The following page cut is from the book:
'Florence and Al Berger -- A Collaborative Memory of a Cincinnati Family' by Ann Berger Frutkin

In the 1950s the Alfred Berger family of Cincinnati stopped in Peoria to visit Aunt Anna Trefzger and the Trefzer homestead.
Below is daughter Ann Berger's comment about Aunt Anna and the visit.

(text by Ann Berger Frutkin)
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