Emma Lena Trefzger
born 1854, died 1935

Emma was born Emma Lena Trefzger on November 28, 1854 in Wehr, Baden. In April 1885 she married 'Fred' Fridelin Schmidt in Peoria, Il. She died May 24,1935 in Peoria, IL.

Emma and Fred Schmidt had 2 sons; Charles & Louis. Charles never married.

"Emma married Frederick Schmidt in 1885. Prior to the marriage the directory listed her but once, in 1880-1 when she was a "saleslady for Simon Trefzger." Her husband, prior to their marriage, was employed by Simon Trefzger, as a baker and it was there that he and Emma became acquainted. After the wedding they moved to Chilicothe, Illinois, where Frederick Schmidt carried on his own bakery until his death. Emma then moved back to her father, bringing her two sons with her. In 1902 she moved to the apartment building owned by her father at 505 Bryan Street (formerly known as Eaton Street). In 1906 she and her son, Louis, moved in with her brother, Charles, at 109 Ellis Street where she kept house for him. In 1908 she moved to the house owned by her father at 507 Bryan Street where she stayed until 1910. Then she again went to live with her father. Her son, Louis, in the meanwhile had gone to California and married. Later when her son came back to Peoria she lived with him at 507 Bryan Street and at this address she died." by Paul Bourscheidt (1956).

Louis married Kathryn McDermid.

This is how King McDermid received money when the Trefzger-Bauer Trust was ended in 1973. See the link to the McDermids.

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