Trefzger Family History

Our Trefzger ancestors immigrated from the little town of Wehr, Baden in the southwest corner of Germany. See the link to 'Wehr, Baden' for more information on its history.

In L.D.S. microfilm records from St. Martins Catholic Church in Wehr we have been able to trace our Trefzger ancestors back to the mid 1600s.

In a book "Wehr: A city's History" it states “The Trefzgers, one of the early and important families of Wehr, were heavily involved in public affairs. The beginning is set with ‘Cunrat Trefser’ who, in the year 1333, received some farmland from Johann Schiiri, priest of Dossenbach. and his brother Heinrich Schiiri of Wehr.” The area that is now town of Wehr may have originally been Trefzger property.

The traceable ancestors of all Trefzger immigrants to North America have been traced to two families in the little town of Wehr. I can't prove it , but I believe that all Trefzgers in the world are related. See the link "Trefzgers in N.A." for information about our roots area and other Trefzger immigrants.

Our direct Trefzger ancestors are Simon and his father Simon, Sr. See the links to 'Simon Trefzger' and his father 'Simon Trefzger,Sr.' at left.

Simon Trefzger, his wife and 2 children, (Maria Luisa and Emma Lina), his brother Anton 26 years old, and sister Maria Anna Trefzger 29 years old, came together to the U.S.A. in 1855.

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