'Tillie' Ottilia Josepha Berger
born 1876, died 1946

'Tillie' Ottilia Jossepha Berger
Tillie was a beautiful woman, a high school graduate, good pianist, good singer, and real dancer. She loved her family and people.

"My sister Ottilia, (our Tilllie) Grandfather called her "Tillilie mit Roelele" (littleTillie with curls) was the only one of the four of us who had long black curls. Fifty years later, her granddaughter was brushing the same type of curls. Ottilia was my senior by 3 1/2 years, she was a beautiful young lady when she attended Hughes High School, and accordingly had many admirers. When two men came home with her, Mama recognized one of the names and upon questioning, learned that he was her own cousin's son, Charles Lammers. He remained a devoted friend to the family throughout his long life. Papa was ill much of that time, and left us for his Heavenly home the day she was eighteen. It seemed as if he waited until she 'became of age'. She had celebrated her birthday on the previous Sunday, and he still enjoyed meeting her young friends. Without insulin, diabetes was a fatal illness, and when peritonitis complicated the condition, a few days of intense suffering was all that Papa could take. He died July 13, 1894, not yet fifty-seven,, having been born 10/19/1837. Tillie became very depressed, so when the Trefzger's invited her to come to Peoria for a visit, Mama advised her to go. It did not take long for Fred, the young son of the family, to realize that he loved her (she was quite lovable) and he wooed her ardently. That I can vouch for, because whenever he came to Cincinnati, I found myself in the way, the unwanted. If I did not absent myself, Fred would say "Teresa, don't you hear your mother calling? I think she needs help." They later became engaged and were married October 18, 1899."

"Again, there was much excitement. The upstairs had to be readied for the expected houseguests. Sister Anna was a pillar of strength upon which Mama depended. Allie Metz, the son of Mama's brother George, had previously moved to Peoria, so he came on with Fred to act as his best man . Both were houseguests. Toni Metz and Robert Bauer, the two cousins, who were also in Amanda's wedding party, and John Bauer, brother of Robert, were the ushers. I in a beautiful shade of green crepe de chine and Ida Wetterer, my girlhood chum, who wore a dress in pink of the same material and pattern, were the girls in the party. Ida was a vocalist, a pianist, and all around musician, obliging with her talent. We attended the Conservatory of Music together and were usually the hub of the gathering of our friends. Fred took Tillie to Peoria where they made their home for many years and were returned there to be buried in the large Simon Trefzger plot. Francis and Herbert were born in Peoria, but Elsa Marie, found her welcome in Cincinnati." by Teresa Berger Sheblessy

"My mother was a beautiful, well built woman, 5 feet 7 inches tall. Dad was a roly-poly fellow, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, almost as round as he was tall. He told me that from the time he was thirteen years old he weighed as much as 200 pounds. Thank heavens he fell in love with a taller woman. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall, my brother Herbert (who was born when I was 18 months old) is 5 feet 7 inches, and our sister Elsa who did not show up for quite a few years, about 5 feet 3." by Franz Trefzger

In 1929 Fred & Tillie Trefzger took Elsa and Adel Berger to Europe.

Tillie lived with a digestive tract disorder (possibly Chrone's disease) for at least 15 years before she died. She died on 7/13/1946 on her 70th birthday. She died in Cincinnati. She is buried in the Trefzger plot in Peoria, IL.
Fred died in September 1957 in Cincinnati. He is buried in the Trefzger plot in Peoria, IL.

Fred's 'Stories'

Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.

For information about 'the Bergers and the Trefzgers join hands again' see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.53".

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