Gustav Rudolph Trefzger
born 1869, died 1955

birth record
R. & F. Trefger Plumbing
father: Simon Trefzger
mother: Katharina Scherr
spouse: Lucy Henseler
Marie, Emma, Charles,
Anna, Rudy, Fritz & Nellie
Phillip, George, MelbaJean,
Robert, Raymond & Mary Jane
Robert's prayer card
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'Rudy' was born Gustav Rudolph Trefzger on July 21, 1869 in Wehr, Baden. He married Lucy Henseler on June 27, 1899 in Peoria, IL. Lucy died July 26, 1910 in San Diago, CA. On April 25, 1913 he married Rose Young in San Diago, CA. Rudy died December 26, 1955 in San Diego, CA.

"He first worked for his father and brother in the bakery as a baker in 1887. In 1888 and 1889 he was a helper for Nailon Brothers, plumbers. In 1893 he worked for F. McLaughlin, plumber. In 1896 and 1897 he was in business for himself with his shop at 531 Main Street. In 1898 he joined his brother, Fred, in forming a firm known as "R. & F. Trefzger Co" with shop at 515 Main Street. They were among the leaders in the plumbing business at that time, undertaking many big jobs including the entire installation of plumbing and heating in the Sacred Heart parsonage and school. In 1900, evidently after his marriage, he moved to 507 Bryan Street where he stayed until 1903. His residence then became 108 S. Monroe Street. Then he moved to San Diego. During the last year, before going west, he operated the plumbing business by himself. One of the ads he had showed a picture of a bathroom with the latest and most modern fixtures. Another large ad showed a tub. Over the center was a head shower and a circular pipe from which hung the shower curtain. He was active in Catholic societies serving on the finance committee and on the board of directors of the ST. Antonius Unterstuetzungs Verein." by Paul Bourscheidt (1956).

Census information:
The 1890 Peoria Directory as a plumber working for Nailon Brothers. Location 2: 108 S. Monroe St.
In 1920 Rudy and Rosalie live in San Diago, CA. Melba 14, Robert 5, and Raymond 1, are at home.
In 1930 Rudy 62, Robert 15, Raymond 11, and Mary J. 7, are at home.

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