Wehr, Baden, Germany    

All of the Trefzger immigrants in North & South America whose ancestors could be traced have come from the little town of Wehr, Baden in the Black Forest in Southwestern Germany.

I believe that if all Trefzgers in the world could trace their ancestors back, they would have originally come from Wehr, Baden.

Wehr is about 5 miles north of the Rhine River and Switzerland, and about 25 miles east of Bazil, Switzerland and France. Wehr lies in the Wehr river valley at an elevation of about 950 feet. Wehr, today, is a town of 12,000 or 13,000 population.

Trefzgers are in recorded history back to the year 1333 according to a book written about the history of Wehr and translated by Renate Sheblessy.

St. Martin's Catholic Church kept excellent birth, marriage and death records. They have been microfilmed by L.D.S. back to the mid 1600s.

The link for 'Occupations' lists the occupations of our ancestors found in microfilmed records.

The photos of the area, as well as the old photos, and the photos of Wehr around 2000 are very interesting.

My Trefzgers (Simon and his family, Anton. and Maria Anna) emmigrated in 1855. This was just after the Revolution of 1848.

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