Trefzger - Specific Immigrants

Living descendants have been found for the following 17 Trefzger immigrants:
Joseph, immigrated in 1848 with his parents and brother Edward
Martin, immigrated in 1852 with his wife and 5 children.
Maria Anna, immigrated in 1855.
Anton, immigrated in 1855.
Simon, immigrated in 1855 with his wife and 2 children.
John, immigrated in 1880. He brought his wife and 2 children over about 2 years later.
Joseph, immigrated in 1881.
August, immigrated in 1882 with his wife and 2 sons.
Arnold, immigrated in 1892.
'Fritz' Gustave Frederick, immigrated in 1905 with his sister Pauline.
Fred, immigrated in 1907.
Fridolin, immigrated in 1909 with his wife and 4 daughters.
Gotfried, immigrated in mid 1920s.
Otto, immigrated in 1953.
   Ontario TrefzgersImmigranted to Ontario, Canada:
Erwin, immigrated in 1954 with his wife and 2 children.(family living)
Inge, immigrated in 1958.(living)
Dirk, immigrated in 1988.(living)

No living descendants have been found for the folling immigrants:
Alois (imm. 1853)   Arnold (imm. 1924)   Berta (imm. 1921)   Edward (about 1865???)    Franz Joseph (imm. 1852?)    Fredrick D. (before 1920)   Fridolin (imm. 1854)   Karl (imm. 1911)   Luisa (imm. 1907)

Lists of immigrants in alphabetical order, by year of immigration, immigrants living today, and a list of Trefzgers who we could not connect with a family.

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