Gotfried Trefzger
born 6/18/1908, immigrated mid 1920s, died 1988

family photo
children: Jean & John
Gotfried Heinrich Trefzger immigrated to central Canada in the mid 1920s.

He came to Canada as an economic immigrant following WWI. He had wanted to go to Dresden to learn to make artificial limbs but his family wealth had been depleted by the war, although they still owned lands. He fulfilled the terms of his immigration by working on farms, I believe in the Manitoba area. He eventually moved west and found employment as a saw filer in the logging camps on Vancouver Island. He later became a machinist and lived and worked in Port Alberni, B.C.

At the outbreak of WWII he changed his name to ‘Trevor’.

Jean Trevor Allen, Gotfried’s daughter, sent me all of the information above and information about Gotfried’s family. She has also sent us an excellent 1914 family photo and a Trefzger Crest dated 1553.

Thank you Jean.

Gotfried’s father’s name was Karl Trefzger. In the microfilm records from St. Martin Church in Wehr, Baden there were 4 Karl Trefzgers born who could have been Gotfried’s father. So we can not trace Gotfried’s ancestors or connect him with either of the two large Trefzger families.

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