Fred Trefzger
born 1/15/1890, immigrated 1907, died 1/1983

Church records
Johann's descendants
father: Eduard Trefzger
mother: Maria Kaeser
spouse: Olga Stern
Edward & Mary
Mary, Anna, Fred,
Luisa, Berta, & Arnold
Friedrich Wilhelm Trefzger (Fred) came to the USA in 1907 when he was 17 years old from Wehr, Baden, Germany. Fred joined the military and lived in Pennsylvania and Iowa in the 1920s. While in the military the spelling of his last name was changed from 'Trefzger' to 'Trefger'.

Fred is the grandson of Johann Trefzger who was killed in a shooting accident on the Trefzger farm in Wehr in 1874. Fred is also the nephew of Arnold Trefzger who immigrated in 1892.

Census information:
In the 1910 census Fred Trefzger, age 20, was a hired man living in Farmington, SD. I believe this is our Fred.

There was a Fred Trefzger who arrived at Ellis Island in 1911, age 21, born about 1890, who could also be our Fred. Or did he go home for a visit and come back in 1911? Or were there 2 Freds born in the same year?

Sandy Trefger of Weatherford, Texas was at TCU for the graduation of her married daughter. Also graduating in the spring of 2000 was Amy Trefzger the daughter of Jim and Dorothy Trefzger of Bloomington, IL. Sandy recognized the Trefzger name and emailed Jim that her husbandís grandfatherís name was Trefzger. Sandy has supplied the information about Fred and the descendants chart enclosed.

Luise Trefzger
Luise Trefzger left Bremen, Germany on the Gera, arriving in Baltimore, MD. in June 1907. I believe this is Freds younger sister Luisa.

Berta Trefzger
Fred had a younger sister Berta, born 1/9/1898. There was a Berta Trefzger who arrived in New York and want through Ellis Island in 1921, at age 23.
This must have been Fred's sister who immigrated.

Arnold Trefzger
Fred had a younger brother Arnold. There is an Arnold Trefzger listed in the Social Security records. Arnold is listed as being born in Ohio on 1/3//1894. He died in Ft, Myers, FL in March 1970.
Edward Trefzger in Cleveland, OH said that his father Arnold Trefzger who immigrated in 1892 helped an Arnold Trefzger come to this country.
On 10/11/1924 an Arnold Trefzger, age 30, came through Ellis Island from Wehr, Germany. He arrived on the Deutschland, from Hamberg, Germany.
A birth record for Arnold Trefzger, born 1/30/1894, was found in the microfilm records on St. Martin Church in Wehr. (See 'Records' above.)
I believe that the Arnold listed in the Social Security records was not born in Ohio, but was born in Germany and is actually Fredís younger brother.

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