Trefzgers in Ontario, Canada
Erwin Trefzger   immigrated in 1954
Inge Trefzger   immigrated in 1958
Dirk Trefzger   immigrated in 1988

Family History
The family traced their Trefzger ancestors back to Fridolin Trefzger, a teacher, born in 1820 in Wehr, Baden.
His son Friedrich ‘Fritz” Trefzger moved to Freiburg, Brsg. Family notes say that Fritz was a Head Waiter.
Fritz’s son Robert Friedrich Trefzger, born in 1873, was a Royal Court Photographer. He moved to Lorrach, Baden.
Robert had two sons, Erwin and Hanz Gustav Robert. Erwin earned his doctorate in geology. Hans his doctorate in tax accounting.
Two of Dr. Hans Trefzger’s four children, Erwin and Inge, immigrated to Canada from Lorrach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Erwin, the second child of Dr. and Mrs. Hans Trefzger’s four children, was called into the German army in 1943 when he was 16 years old. In 1945 he was sent to Berlin to defend Berlin from the Russians. Erwin was wounded in the arm by gun fire, captured, and escaped. He made his way to Marburg (about 450 km or 280 miles) by foot in about 2 months. There he as treated by his brother-in-law Dr. Hans Grimm.
After Erwin was healed he went back to Lorrach to finish school and he learned photography in his grandfather’s photographic studio.
He married Ruth Grass, and they had 2 children, Gerd and Ursula.
When Germany established an Army again, he didn't want to stay in Germany so he brought his family to Canada in 1954.
In Canada they had another son, Roger.

Inge, Erwin’s younger sister, came to visit her brother and his family in 1958. She planned to stay for one year. However, she met and married a Canadian, Bruce Scott. Inge is still in Ontario. Bruce and Inge have three children; Judy, Mark (who died as a teenager), and Robert.

Dirk, the eldest son of Hartmut Trefzger (Erwin and Inge’s younger brother), came to Canada in 1988. Dirk is married and has two sons.

In the microfilm records from St Martin Church in Wehr, Baden the birth records of Fridolin Trefzger and Friedrich Hector Trefzger were found. The Trefzgers in Ontario now trace their ancestors back to Joseph Trefzger, father of Johann.
No descendants are shown because they are living.

Ruth Trefzger (Erwin’s wife) and Dirk Trefzger sent me info about their families. Judy Scott (Inge Trefzger Scott’s daughter) filled in the family details. Inge provided info about their ancestors back to her great, great grandfather. Hartmut Trefzger (Inge and Erwin’s brother in Germany) came to Cincinnati to visit with us for a few days. Since then he has sent me a great collection of family photos and we have developed a great friendship.

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