Trefzger Immigrants

Alphabetical, with year of immigration.

ALOIS TREFZGER. 1853. (Cincinnati,OH) Alois arrived in Cincinnati 10/17/1853 from Baden. His departure port in Europe was Antwerp, and he came through New York. He applied for citizenship 7/10/1855. The city directory shows he was in Cincinnati in 1859. He was a dyer, born about 1826 from Baden, Germany. He married Catherine, born about 1828. They had 2 Children, Emil (born about 1860) and Alois (born about 1862). Alois served in the Union Army. He was a 2nd Lieutenant Company C, 6th Ohio Militia Infantry. Alois died in 5/30/1893. (*1,*2)

ANTON TREFZGER. 1855. (Peoria, IL) Anton (brother of Simon and Maria Anna) came to USA with Simon's family and Maria Anna in the spring of 1855 from Wehr, Baden, Germany. Anton stopped in Cincinnati then went on to St. Louis and then Peoria, IL. Anton was born 9/13/1828 in Wehr, Baden, Germany, the black forest area. Anton was a master plasterer. He married Elizabeth C. Ditewig who had 1 child, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 12/22/1829 in Hesse Darnstadt, Germany. Anton & Elizabeth had 8 children; Frank, Gustav, Sophia, William, Emial, Albert, Robert, and Emilie.

ARNOLD TREFZGER. 1892. (Mahanoy, PA & Cleveland, OH) Arnold Trefzger (nephew of Maria Anna, Anton, Simon) came to Mahanoy PA from Wehr, Germany. Arnold was born 9/21/1864 in Wehr. His dad was killed in an accident when he was almost 10 years old. He was raised by his brother Arthur. He was a carpenter by trade. He worked as a Carpenter in the mines. He married Vesula. Vesula died and Arnold moved to Cleveland in 1902 or '03, where he married Theresa Denish. They had 5 children; Edward, Rudolph, Karl, Alma, and Leo.

ARNOLD TREFZGER. 1924. Brother of Fred and Luisa who immigrated in 1907. Brother of Berta who immigrated in 1921. He arrived at Ellis Island on Oct. 11 on th Deutschland from Hamberg, Germany. (*1)

AUGUST TREFZGER FAMILY. 1882. (Cincinnati, OH) August came to USA 2/16/1882, from Baden, Germany. He was born Nov.1844 He came with his wife Lizzie, who was born Nov. 1847 in Germany, his son Frederick Joseph (7 years old), amd daughter Augusta (4 years old?). August was a blacksmith. They settled in Cincinnati. He applied for citizenship 3/3/1885.

BERTA TREFZGER. 1921. Sister of Fred and Luisa who immigrated in 1907. Sister of Arnold who immigrated in 1924. She arrived at Ellis Island on May 5 on the Mount Clay from Hamberg, Germany. (*1)

DIRK TREFZGER. 1988. (Oxbridge, Ont.) Dirk (nephew of Erwin, and Inge) went to Ontario, Canada in 1988. His family was from Lorrach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Dirk is married and has a son. They are temporarily living in the Netherlands.

EDWARD TREFZGER FAMILY. 1848. (New York, NY) Edward appears in the 1880 Census. He was born Apr. 1847 in Switzerland. It said he immigrated in 1848, however he would have only been 1 year old. There are no records of his parents being in the USA. His occupation was making paint and being a painter. He was married to Catherine, who was born in 1852+- in Bonn, Germany. They had 2 children, Caroline and Edward, born in NY. Then in the 1900 Census Edward is married to Fredericka who was born Oct. 1848 in Germany, she had 5 children, 4 of them living. They had Charles, a step-son, born Jul. 1879 living with them in New York, NY. Edward was the brother of Joseph who immigrated in 1848.(*1,*2)

ERWIN TREFZGER FAMILY. 1954. (Terra Cotta, Ont.) Erwin came to Canada with his wife, Ruth, and 2 children in 1954. Edwin and Ruth have 3 children; Gerd, Ursula, and Roger.

FRANZ JOSEPH TREFZGER. 1852. (Location?) Franz Joseph, born in 1808, (brother of Martin) was a leader in the 1848 revolution in Baden. Franz Joseph had to leave his wife and children and flee to Switzerland. In 1851 he and Martin’s family found passage to America. However no record of Franz Joseph has been found in N.A. (*1)

FRIEDRICH WILHELM TREFZGER. 1907. Fred came to the USA in 1907, when 17 years old. When old enough he enlisted in the military. While in the service the spelling of his name was changed to “Trefger”. He married Olga Marquerite Theresa Stern in 1919. During the the 1920s they lived in Pennsylvania and Iowa. Fred died in 1983.

FREDRICK D. TREFZGER FAMILY. before 1920. (NY,NY) In the 1920 census Frederick lived at 16 Oceanview Ave.,New York, NY. His age was 37. He was born in Switzerland. He was married to Carrie, age 40, born in NY.. There were no children listed. (*1)

FRIDOLIN TREFZGER. 1854. (Cincinnati, OH) A citizenship list show a Fridolin who arrived 5/18/1854 from Baden, Coming through Antwerp and New York. He applied for his first papers 10/10/1854. Fridolin died 10/19/1888. (Ref. Cincinnati City Directories, Cin. German Newspaper) (*1)

FRIDOLIN TREFZGER FAMILY. 1909. Fridolin and his wife. daughter Frieda and daughter Lena arrived through Ellis Island from Basel, Switzerland. Son Fritz and daughter Pauline had come in 1905. Fridolin, his wife and 2 daughters returned to Europe in 1912. Frieda and Lena returned to the USA in 1928 to stay.

FRIEDA TREFZGER . 1909. Fridolin and his family arrived through Ellis island from Basel, Switzerland. Son Fritz and daughter Pauline had come in 1905. Frieda returned to Europe in 1912. In 1928 she returned to the USA to stay.

'FRITZ' GUSTAVE FREDERICH TREFZGER . 1905. Fritz (age 23) and his sister Pauline (age 19) arrived through Ellis island from Basel, Switzerland. There parents and 3 sisters came in 1909.

GOTFRIED HEINRICH TREFZGER. about 1925. Gotfried came to central Canada as an economic immigrant following WWII. He fulfilled the terms of his immigration by working on farms, I believe in the Manitoba area. He eventually moved west, worked as a saw filer, and then a machinist. He changed his name to Trevor at the outbreak of WWII.

GUSTAV TREFZGER. before 1920. (Long Island, NY) Gustav Frederick Trefzger, came to Long Island, NY with 3 sisters. Gustav has one son, Frederick Otto, living in Old Chatham, NY.

INGE TREFZGER. 1958. (Ontario, Canada) Inge (sister of Erwin) came to Canada in 1958, and intended to stay just one year. She met Bruce Scott of Canada, and married him. Now they have 3 children; Judy, Mark (deceased), and Robert.

JOHN TREFZGER FAMILY. 1880. (Dayton, OH & Los Angeles, CA) John (brother of Joseph), came alone. He brought his wife Mary, and two children Louisa, born Jan. 1879, and Diana, born Apr. 1880, to Dayton, OH from Baden, Germany several years later. John was born in Sep 1851. John was a stone mason. John and Mary had 4 more children; Mary, Barbara, Ella, and Leo, all born in OH. By 1910 they had moved to Los Angeles, CA.

JOSEPH TREFZGER. 1848. (New York, NY) Joseph Trefzger had to flee Germany with his wife and 2 sons to escape being drafted and being sent to the Russian front by Bismark. They fled to French-Switzerland and then came to the USA. Joseph was a trade union leader in a German steel mill. In NYC he was a teamster union leader. (Ref. Susan Trefzger Sullivan of Pelham, NY.) The NYC directory of 1869/70 lists a Joseph, occupation cigars, living at 228 Christie, then in 1874/75 living at 24 Ave. A. The 1900 Census showes Joseph, a cigar maker, who was born in Oct. 1844 in Switzerland. Joseph married Lisy, who was born 1853 in Ger. They had 4 children; Fred, Joseph, Christin, and Charles. (*1,*2)

JOSEPH PHILLIP TREFZGER. 1881. (Dayton & Cincinncti., OH) Joseph Philip (brother of John) came to Dayton, OH, from Baden on 4/1/1881. Lived from 1859 to 1919. Joseph married Margaret, born in 1857+/-. They settled in Cincinnati. They had 2 sons; Joseph, Jr., and Edwin. Joseph came through Havre and New York, arriving 6/16/1881. He applied for citizenship on 2/13/1882. (*2)

KARL FREDERICK TREFZGER. 1911 (New Orleans, LA.) Karl arrived at Ellis Island in 1911 at the age of 50. In the 1920 census he is with his wife Sophie. In 1930 Karl and Sophie are with a granddaughter Madeline. (*1,*2)

LEONARD 'HARDY' TREFZGER. 1908. (Alaska) Leonard came through France and Canada, entering at St. Albans, Vermont. Went to Alaska. Became a 'big game guide'. Changed his name to 'Hardy'.

LENA TREFZGER . 1909. Fridolin and his family arrived through Ellis island from Basel, Switzerland. Son Fritz and daughter Pauline had come in 1905. Lena returned to Europe in 1912. In 1928 she returned to the USA to stay.

LUISA TREFZGER. 1907. Sister of Fred who immigrated in 1907. Sister of Berta who immigrated in 1921. Sister of Arnold who immigrated in 1924. (*1)

MARIA ANNA TREFZGER. 1855. (Peoria, IL) Maria Anna (sister of Anton and Simon) when she was almost 29 years old came to Cincinnati, OH from Wehr, Germany in the Spring of 1855. Maria Anna and Anton moved on to St. Louis, and then to Peoria, IL. She married a man named George. They had 2 children.

MARTIN TREFZGER FAMILY. 1852. (Donaldson, PA) Martin, his wife Katharine, and 5 children (along with his brother Franz Joseph) fled to this country. Martin and his family settled in eastern Pennsylvania. He found a job in the coal mines.

OTTO TREFZGER FAMILY 1953. (Connecticut & Palm Coast, FL) Otto Trefzger, came to Connecticut, USA in 1953, from Wehr, Baden, Ger. with his wife Hildegard Goodman, his daughter 12, and son 9 years old. Otto died in Florida.

SIMON TREFZGER FAMILY. 1855. (Cincinnati, OH & Peoria, IL) Simon (brother of Anton and Maria Anna) Came to Cincinnati, OH. With his wife Katherine, and 2 daughters, Mary and Emma. Simon was born in 1831 in Wehr, Baden, Germany. His wife Katherine was born in 1833 in Germany. Mary was born in 1953, and Emma in 1854. They lived in Cincinnati for three years and then moved to Peoria, IL. Simon was a master baker. They had 10 more children; Adolph, Joseph, Charles, Frederick, Frederick, Louis, Sophia, Gustav, Frederick, and Rose. Five of the children died very young.

*1 No living descendants named 'Trefzger' have been found in North America.
*2 We don't know if they married in Europe and the wife immigrated with her husband, or if they immigrated separately and were married in the USA.

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