found in U.S.A. records, but not connected to a family

Albte Trefzger, arrival 17Feb1862, born about 1841, 21, female, from Hamburg, Germany.(NY Passenger List)

Andras Trefzger, arrival 6Jun1881, 29, birth about 1862, female, from Bremen, Germany.(NY Passenger List)

Anna Trefzger, born 10/1897, died 6/1995, died in NY.(S.S.Rec.) Wife?

Bertha Trefzger, occupation weaver, 310 McMicken, Cincinnati, OH.(Cin. City Dir.1893)

Carrie Trefzger, seamstress. 136 West Liberty, Cincinnati, OH.(Cin. City Dir.1879)

Charles H. Trefzger, US Arsenal Olongapo, Philippine Islands, 26, born about 1874.(1900 Census)

Clara Trefzger, 136 West Liberty, Cincinnati, OH.(Cin. City Dir.1878)

Edward Trefzger, Cincinnati Ward 2, OH, 24 birth about 1896, with Augusts, 22, and Martha, 68.(1920 Census)

Elliot Fisher Trefzger, arrival date 9May1938, birth about 1888, 50, birth Peoria, IL.(NY Passenger List)
Could be a grndson of Anton.

Fred Trefzger, arrived 1911, age 21, born abt. 1890.(Ellis Island)
Is this the Fred we think immigrated in 1907?

Frederick, F., or Fred Trefzger, occupation laborer, cab mkr, billiard table mkr, mach..(Cin. City Dir.1861,2,3,5,7,8,9,1870,& 2)

Fredericka Trefzger, 71, birth about 1849, Bronx, NY, 1930 Census, 81,Ridgefield Park, NJ.(1920 Census) Wife?

Fredrich Trefzger, Bronx District 5, NY, 71, about 1849, widow, female, immigration 1880.(1920 Census)

Fridolin, Frederick or Fred Trefzger, occupation laborer, mach, sawyer, machinist.(Cin. City Dir.1863,5,7,1870-1885)
Fridolin arrived in 1854.

Gustav Trefzger, Union, Welfley's Batt'y Mo.L. Art'y.(Civil War Service Records)

Hardy Trefzger, born 12/13/1883, died 9/9/1969, died in WA.(S.S.Rec.)(WA State record)

Johannes Trefzger, 1866, with 3 persons, from Weitenau, Schopfheim, Baden.(Emigration Index)
John Trefzger is listed in the Detroit Directory from 1875 till 1896. His wife margaret is listed in 1896 and 1897.

Lena Trefzger, occupation dyer. 1883,4,6,9 ironer, 1885, tailoress. 1890,1, presser, Liberty & Pleasant Sts.(Cin. City Dir.1876,7)
I believe this is Fridolin (Imm. 1854) and Theresia's daughter.

Lina Trefzger, seamstress. 1880,1,2 dyer. Liberty & Pleasant.(Cin. City Dir.1879)
Was she the 'Lena' above?

Louise Trefzger, age 40, born about 1890,with daughter Catherine, age 18, born about 1912.(1930 Census)
Louise Trefzger, arrived 1906, from Bersle, age 2, born abt. 1904.(Ellis Island)Daughter?
Louise Trefzger, arrived 1906, from Bersle, age 22, born abt. 1884.(Ellis Island)Mother and daughter?

Mamie Trefzger, occupation waitress, 310 McMicken.(Cin. City Dir.1893)

Mary Trefzger, Bronx NY, 42. born about 1888.(1930 Census) Wife?
Mary Trefzger, born 5/30/1872, died 1/1972, born in NY, died in NY.(S.S.Rec.) Wife?
Mary Trefzger, occupation clerk, 232 McMicken.(Cin. City Dir.1895,7)

Pauline Trefzger, Warick, Rhode Island, 29, Birth about 1871, Immigration 1896.(1900 Census)

The above people have been found in the Cincinnati City Directories, Federal Census, NY Passenger Lists, Social Security records, or the Ellis Island records.

We have not been able to link any of these Trefzgers to any family groups.
We do not know if they were immigrants or children of immigrants.

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