Arnold Trefzger
born 9/21/1864, immigrated 1892, died about 1953

social security
father: Johann Trefzger
mother: Maria Weber
spouses: Vesula ? & Theress Denish
Edward, Rudolph, Karl,
Alma, & ; Leo
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Lynn Trefzger
Rick Trefzger
Arnold’s father Johann Trefzger was a Master Shoemaker in Wehr, Baden. In 1874 when Johann was 50 years old he was shot in a farm accident and died. Arnold was almost 10 years old at the time. Arnold was taken in and raised by his older brother Arthur.

When Arnold was 28 years old he immigrated in 1892 to Mahanoy, PA in east central Pennsylvania near where Martin and his family had settled in 1851. Arnold worked in a mine as a carpenter. He married Vesula (Ursula) who was also from Germany. They we married 8 or 9 years when Vesula died.

Then Arnold moved to the Cleveland, OH area in 1902 or 1903 where he worked as a carpenter and a contractor. Arnold then married Theresa Denish. They had 5 children: Edward, Rudolph, Karl, Alma and Leo. The last two, Alma and Leo were twins.

Most of the descendants of Arnold have remained in northeast Ohio.

Census information:
In 1900 Arnold and wife Visula were in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill, PA.
In 1910 Arnold 45, new wife Teresa 36, Edward 4, Rudolph 2, and Carl 1, were living in Cleveland Ward 24, OH. Eva D. Durnish (mother-in-law) 65 was living with them.
In 1920 Arnold, Teresa, Edward 15, Rudolph 12, Charles 10, Leo 6, and Alma 6, were in Cleveland Ward 23, OH.

Records from Ellis Island show that Arnold and Ursula Trefzger, who lived in Mahoney, PA came through Ellis Island July 7,1901, and that he was 36 years old. Evidently Arnold went back to Europe to visit just before Vesla (Ursula) died.

Arnold’s grandson Edward Henry Trefzger changed his name to ‘Tresger’ in 1969 because so many people had trouble spelling and pronouncing Trefzger. Sometime later Edward’s first son Randall changed his name back to Trefzger.

Over the years many Trefzgers have asked me about Lynn Trefzger, Arnold’s great granddaughter. Lynn is a self taught ventriloquist. Since 1977 she has been delighting audiences. She performs on many college campuses. Simon, Lynn’s main sidkick, is a witty dummy whose annoying situations turn into amusing ones. Lynn has a web page.

In 1995 & ‘96 Rick Trefzger, Lynn’s brother, was in the news quite often. Rick was the Purdue Boilermaker’s quarterback.

Our deep thanks to the following for contacting us and assisting in developing Arnold’s descendant chart: Margaret E. Trefzger, Randall Trefzger, Ann Trefzger Lincoln, Edward P. Trefzger, David & Paula Trefzger, Marge & Neil Trefzger, Alma Trefzger Magera, and Lynn Trefzger

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