Alois Trefzger
born about 1826, immigrated 1853, died in 1880s

Citizenship Records show Alois arrived 10/17/1853 coming from Baden through Antwerp to New York. He applied for citizenship 7/10/1855.

From the Cincinnati City Directoriy in 1859, Alois was a dyer, born about 1826, from Baden, Germany. He married Catherine, who was about the same age.

The Cincinnati City Directory shows Alois Trefzger, a dyer, at 529 Race Street in 1859. In 1862 his dye shop moved to 489 Vine. Then in 1868 it moved to the south west corner of 14th and Vine. Alois must have maintained the 489 Vine address because in 1870 The Eastern Dye House is shown at that address.

The 1880 census lists Alois as age 54, a dyer, with a sore leg, who was born in Baden, Germany. His wife Catherine, age 52, kept house. They had 2 sons Emil, 20 years old, a bleacher, and Alois, age 18, a waiter. The same census shows another listing for Alois and comments that he is divorced. In 1883 the city directory shows Aloysius as a packer who boards at 347 Walnut Street.

His wife and son continued the dye house and in 1885 it is listed as Mrs. K. Dye House. In 1889 Catherine is listed as a widow.

Emil began work in 1877 as a presser living at 134 West Liberty. In 1878 he is a dyer who boards at 489 Vine. In 1879 his home is at the south west corner of 14th & Vine. In 1880 he is a straw hat presser, living at 333 Wade. In 1881 he is a dyer again at 489 Vine. In '82 he is back a the s.w.c. of 14th & Vine. In '83 and '84 he lives at 489 Vine.

Alois, Jr. started work in 1880 as a waiter living at 333 Wade. In '81 he is at 489 Vine. In '82 he is a bar keeper, living at the s.w.c. of 14th & Vine. In '83 and '84 he is back at 489 Vine.

The 1885 city directory lists 'Trefzger, Ollie, (Franck & T.), 430 Vine, h. s.w.c. Vine and 14th.' This is the address of the dye house. In '86 Ollie lives at 489 Vine, property owned by Alois Jr.'s family. 'Franck and Trefzger' is a saloon.

1.Since Alois, Jr., a bar keeper, disappears in 1884 and Ollie, the part owner of a saloon, appears in 1885 through 1893, I believe that Ollie is Alois Trefzger, Jr. (Ref. Cincinnati city directories)
2.We have not found any living descendants.
3.We have not been able to find a relationship with other Trefzger families.
4.There is a death notice for a Katharina Trefzger who died 11/6/1893. I do not know if this is Alois' wife.

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