Arnold Trefzger
born 1/30/1894, immigrated 1924, died 4/1970

Church records
Johann's descendants
father: Eduard Trefzger
mother: Maria Kaeser
spouse: Rosa ?
Curt, Eleanor, Unnamed
Mary, Anna, Fred,
Luisa, & Berta
Arnold Trefzger came to the USA in 1927 when he was 30 years old from Wehr, Baden, Germany.

Arnold is the grandson of Johann Trefzger who was killed in a shooting accident on the Trefzger farm in Wehr in 1874.

Arnold's great aunt and uncles Maria Anna, Anton and Simon immigrated in 1855. His uncle Arnold immigrated in 1892. His brother Fred immigrated in 1907, and his sister Berta in 1921.

Edward Trefzger in Cleveland, OH said that his father Arnold Trefzger who immigrated in 1892 helped an Arnold Trefzger come to this country.

A birth record for Arnold Trefzger, born 1/30/1894, was found in the microfilm records on St. Martin Church in Wehr. (See the link to 'Church records'.)

On 10/11/1924 Arnold Trefzger, age 30, came through Ellis Island from Wehr, Germany. He arrived on the Deutschland, from Hamberg, Germany.

The 1930 census shows Arnold and his wife Rosa living in Cleveland, Ohio with children Curt A. 8 years old, Eleanor 3 years old, and a unnamed baby 6 months old.

Death records from Florida and Social Security show Arnold died Mar 24,1970 in Fort Meyers, Florida.

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