'Fritz' Gustave Frederick Trefzger
born 1882, immigrated 1905, died 1960

passenger list
WW1 Draft
WW2 Draft
social security
father: Fridolin Trefzger
mother: Marie Buechli
siblings: Otto, Marie, Pauline, Lena, & Frieda
Fritz Trefzger (age 23) and his sister Pauline (age 19) from Basel, Switzerland arrived on the Princess Alice, from Bremen, Germany on May 20, 1905. They came through Ellis Island.
Fritz' real name was Gustave Frederich Trefzger. He was born August 10, 1882 in Basel, Switzerland.

They stayed with their Mother's sister, Veronica and Charles Eckert, in Patterson, NJ.

Fritz' parents, Pauline and 3 other sisters came to the U.S.A. through Ellis Island on July 24, 1909 on La Lorraine from La Harve, France.

Fritz was a learned and gifted restorer of old paintings and art, with a 3 year apprentiship in Basel. In the U.S.A. he had to work as a painter to support himself.

Fritz or Gustave Frederick Trefzger registered for the draft in both WW1 and WW2.

Our thanks to Mary O'Dell of Hayden, Idaho who provided all of the information about Fritz and Pauline Trefzger who arrived in 1905, Fridolin and the rest of his family who arrived in 1909, along with all of the photos.
Thanks to Peter Trefzger who recommended we contact Mary O'Dell.
No birth or baptismal records for Fridelin, his wife or any of the children have been found so we canít tie Fridolin into either of the 2 large Trefzger families from Wehr.

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