Living Trefzger Immigrants

1954 RUTH TREFZGER (wife of Erwin) came to Canada with Erwin and 2 children in 1954. Erwin died recently. (Ref. Erwin Trefzger & Judy Scott)
Ruth Trefzger, RR1, Terra Cotta, Ont. L0P 1N0 519-833-9793

1958 INGE TREFZGER (sister of Erwin) came to Canada, and intended to stay just one year. She met Bruce Scott of Canada, and married him. Their address is P.O. Box 46, Milford, Ont. Canada K0G 1X0. They have 3 children: Judy, Mark (deceased), and Robert. (Ref. Judy Scott of Ont.)

1988 DIRK TREFZGER came to Canada in 1988. His family was from Loerraech, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. (Nephew of Erwin Trefzger) Dirk lives in Ontario. (Ref. Dirk Trefzger)

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