Leonard 'Hardy' Trefzger
born 12/13/1883, immigrated 1908, died 9/9/1969

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father: Johann Leonhard Trefzger
mother: Maria Gerbmueller or Grabmueller
spouse: Gladys Howard Opdyke
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Johnny's East River Lodge
'Leonard' was born Leonard Trefzger on 12/13/1883 in Wehr, Baden.

He was baptized in St. Martins Catholic Churh in Wehr, Baden on January 12, 1884.

He arived at St. Albins, Vermont, USA on February 29, 1908, aboard the Pomeranian from the LeHavre, France, when he was 24 years old.

In the 1920 Census his name is 'Hardy', was 37, single, owned his home, able to read and write English,and lived in Sitka, Fist judicial District, Alaska Territory.

On March 7, 1921 his Naturalization papers say his name is 'Leonard', he is a fisherman, white, fair complection, 5' 8", 160 pounds, hair brown, eyes blue, residing in Yakutat, Alaska.

On March 10, 1934 he married Gladys Howard Opdyke.

In 1942 he registered for the draft. His name was 'Hardy Trefzger'. He was 59 years old. The name of the person who will always know your address is 'Ms. Gladys Trefzger'. He lived in Yakutat, Alaska.

On July 10, 1956 Leonard and Gladys arrive in New York, NY on the Queen Elizabeth from Cherbourg, France.

Hardy died on September 9, 1969 Seattle, WA. The death certificate shows his occupation as 'big game guide'. He was living in Issaquah, Washington.


1. In 1999 my cousin Jim Trefzger in Blooming, IL found 'Hardy Trefzger', his book, and Johnny's East River Lodge on the inernet.
My cousin John Trefzger sent me a copy of an article from an Illinois news paper that mentioned 'Hardy' in the 1950s.

The only info I could find on Hardy was his death records, so I knew his birth date but I did not know when he immigrated.
There was no record of a 'Hardy Trefzger' birth in the microfilm records from Wehr.

Then in June 2012 I was looking for info on 'Hans' Leonard Trefzger, born 1624, in Wehr. A Leonard Trefzger, born Dec. 13, 1883, border crossing record , and naturalization record appeared. I kwew this was Hardy's birthday.
A check of the birth & baptismal records from Wehr did not show a Leonard Trefzger born in Dec. 1883. However on Jan. 12, 1884 there was a record for Leonard Trefzger. In the old German script it did state that he was born on Dec.13, 1883.

Both Leonard Trefzger and Hardy Trefzger were born in Wehr on Dec.13,1883. Both went to Alaska. Both married Gladys. It was evident that Leonard had changed his name to 'Hardy'.

2. Evidently Janice is Hardy's daughter. Her sons Jeff and Jay Lowenstein operate Johnny's East River Lodge in Yakutat, Alaska. See the link to the first page of the lodge.

3. We have not been able to find the birth record for Hardy's father. So we have not been able find a relationship with other Trefzger families.

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