Fried & Tillie Trefzger

1866 Queen City Ave.
2929 Lischer Ave.
3450 Cheviot Ave.
After Fred Trefzger married Tillie Berger they went to Peoria, IL where Fred was living and working. Fred and Tillie had 2 sons: Francis (born in 1900) and Herbert (born in 1902). Tillie became homesick and so the family moved to Cincinnati.

In 1906 the 2 apartment building Jack Sheblessy was building on Queen City was not finished, so the Fred Trefzger family moved in with Grandma at the Berger Hill home.

In 1907 they moved into the 2nd floor of 1966 Queen City Ave., Lick Run. After Elsa was born in 1910 the apartment became too small.

In 1911 or '12 they purchased 2929 Lischer Ave. for approximately $3,000.00.

In 1920 they purchased 3450 Cheviot Ave. for $7,500.00.

In 1924 Herb married and moved out. Fran married in 1925 and moved out. Elsa married in 1935 and moved out. Elsa and her husband moved back in with Fred and Tillie during the 2nd World War.

Tillie died in 1946. Elsa, Wally and Fred sold 3450 Cheviot in 1952 and Elsa bought the Eckerle homestead where her dad Fred lived until 1956.

The property at 3450 Cheviot was out of the family for a few years before Bertha Trefzger's mother purchased the property. She lived there with her sister-in-law until they both died in 1963.

Jim & Judy Trefzger purchased the property, lived there, and raised 6 children. In the 1990s Jim retired and moved to Florida.

Jim's youngest daughter Lisa Trefzger Evans, her husband Pat Evans and their 3 children now live in the home.

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