Simon Trefzger, Sr.
born 1788, died 1854
Juliana Gruny
born 1791, died 1869

Simon Trefzger(Sr) was born in Wehr, Baden on Januanry 4, 1788. He was the 2nd child and only living child of Franz Joseph Trefzger and Anna Multner. His older brother Fidelis was born and died on April 26, 1784.

Simon(Sr) married Julianna Gruny on October 13, 1813 in St. Martins Church in Wehr, Baden. Simon(Sr) and Jlianna had 10 children; 5 girls and 5 boys.

We know little about Simon(Sr)'s life except that he was a Master Potter and we believe he owned a farm. Since there was clay suitable for potting and lumber in the Wehr Valley we assume that Simon(Sr) had his potting shop on his farm and that he was able to gather his clay right on his farm as well as cutting lumber to fire his kiln.

We do know that Simon(Sr) saw that his sons were well prepaired to earn a living:
Joseph (the 1st son) who had grown up playing around the pottery shop of his father became a Master Potter like his father Simon(Sr). Since there was no need for another potter Johann (the 2nd son) became a Master Shoemaker. Anton (the 3rd son) learned the plastering trade and became a Master Plasterer. Simon,Jr. (the 4th son) became a Master Baker. Felix (the 5th son) became a lumberman and owned a sawmill.

In 2021 we found out that Simon, Sr. did start a craft businessin 1810. Dr. Reinhard Valenta, with the City of Wehr, sent me photos of the building, samples, list of potters, and information when the bisiness celebrated its 200 year anniversary in 2010.

Simon(Sr) died January 9, 1854 in Wehr.


Joseph: Continued his fathers's pottery business. It moved later into fireing stove tiles and then into making stoves, fireplaces and heating systems. The firm 'Ofenbau Trefzger' traces it's origin back to Simon(Sr) and his pottery shop.
See the link to 'OfenbauTrefzger' at left and see the web site ''.

Theresia: Married Franz Walter11/6/1839, and had 7 children. No other information has been found.

Juliana: Married Johann Jakob Meier12/13/1855, and had 2 children. No other information has been found.

Franciska: Married a man named Kaser, and had 2 children. No other information has been found.

Catharina: No information has been found.

Johann: Married Maria Weber4/11/1853, and had 3 children. Was killed in an accidental shooting on the farm when he was 50 years old. .

Maria Anna: Emmigrated to USA. Used the name 'Marianna'. See link at left.

Anton: Emmigrated to USA. See link at left.

Simon: Emmigrated to USA. Started a Bakery business in 1861 that continued by a son and grandsons until sold in 1993. See link at left.

Felix: Started a Sawmill business that continued by a son and grandsons until 1970. See link at left.

Our sincere thanks to Robert Trefzger for sending us information about the firm Kachelofen Trefzger and for the infornation about Felix's descendants.

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