Joseph Trefzger
born 3/29/1814, died 2/21/1888

father: Simon,Sr.
mother: Juliana Grumy
spouse: Maria Ritter
Trefzger Ceramics
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Kachelofenbau Trefzger owners

Joseph was a Master Potter. He learned the trade from his father Simon Trefzger Sr.

On February 11, 1850 he married Maria Ritter in St Martin Catholic Church In Wehr, Baden.

Joseph and Maria had 8 children, 6 girls and 2 boys. Their 6th child was a boy who died when he was just 1 or 2 years old. Their 8th child was a boy who became a potter and carried on his father's business. There is a firm in Wehr that traces their ancestry back to Simon(Sr).

Evedently the pottery business moved into fireing stove tiles and then into stoves, fireplaces and heating systems. The firm 'Kachelofen Trefzger' traces it's origin back to Joseph.
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The firm is owned and managed by Wolfgang Mueller and his wife Kornelia Trefzger mueller.

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