Felix Trefzger
born 2/17/1834, died 2/19/1912

father: Simon Trefzger(Sr)
mother: Julianna Gruny
spouse: Maria Josepha Senger
Louise, Maria, Gottlieb, Ludwig, Josepha, Franz Joseph & Karl
Joseph, Theresia, Juliana,
Franciska, Catharina,
Johann, Marianna, Anton,
Simon & Felix
Trefzger Roots Area
Trefzger History
Felix was the 5th son, the 10th and last child, of Simon Trefzger(Sr.) and Juliana Gruny. Felix was born in Wehr, Baden on Fefruary 17,1834.

On February 27,1865 when he was just 31 years old he married Maria Josepha Senger.

Maria and Felix had 7 children: 3 girls and 4 boys.

Felix became a lumberman and bought or started a sawmill.

Felix died on February 19,1912 just after his 78th birthday.

The sawmill remained in the family.

See the link to the sawmill.

Our sincere thanks to Robert Trefzger (great grandson of Felix) who sent us the information about the Felix's sawmill.

In 2009 Robert Trefzger (Felix's great grandson) contacted us by e-mail. He is an Electrical Engineer and did his apprenticeship in the hydroelectric power station that was built on his fathers land (on the Trefzger Sawmill land).

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