Berger Hill Families

The story of the Berger Hill Families starts with the story of Meinrad Berger, his wife Katharina Trefzger, and their roots area in Baden.

Then we move on to Johann or John Berger (as we know him), John's wife Mary Elizabeth Metz, their purchase of Berger Hill in 1865, and Cincinnati in the 1850s.

George Berger's letter to Nellie Trefzger about his Dad's (John's) death.

John and Mary's children were:
John Leander Berger, Anna Berger, Amanda Berger, (who married John Eckerle), Ottilia or 'Tillie' Berger, (who married Fred Trefzger), George Berger, (who married Nellie Trefzger), Theresa Berger, (who married Jack Sheblessy), Agatha Berger, and Joseph Berger.,

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