Emil Trefzger
1887 - 1961

Two of Anton's grandsons, Emil and Gus, were champion speed typists and traveled with Underwood'd speed deminstration team.

See the picture of Emil A. Trefzger winning the championship of the International Typewriting Contest, and a copy of a postcard from Emil after a visit to Wehr, Germany.

Antonís grandson Emil A. Trefzger visited Antonís hometown and wrote ďAt last I have found a town, village rather, where the ĎTrefsí are not in the minority. Practically the whole town = not quite that bad = is made up of people by that name = all relatives.Ē

In a visit with Robert at his son Erichís house in Chandler, Arizona, Robert told me that his uncle Emil had gone to Business School and become a speed typist. His Dad (who was 3 years younger) went to the Gregg School in Chicago. His Dad was also a speed typist.

In the typing competitions there were Amateurs, Masters, and Professionals. Robertís Dad Gus won the World Amateur Typing Championship in 1911. Both Gus and Emil were on a team that competed for Underwood. His Dad competed until 1916 winning many medals.

Charles E. Trefzger, Jr. and his father Charles E. Sr. and mother Peggy generously provided info about Antonís descendants on the East Coast.

Thanks also for contacts and information from Karen Trefzger, Jeanne Trefzger, Claudia Trefzger, Deborah Trefzger, Lola B. Trefzger, Bill Trefzger.

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