Amelia Emilie Trefzger

The name Amelia appeares in the 1880 Census. The name Emilie appeares in Notes about Anton. Then the name Emilie is used more and more.

Amelia or Emilie waas the last child born of Anton & Elizabeth.

She married Louis Stillwell in 1898.

Her dad, Anton died on 9 March 1912

In the California U.S. Death Index Emilie's death is listed as 5 Jannuary 1959. Her name was listed as Emilie Stillwell Mercer.

We do not know when she married Mercer, or when she moved to California.

Census information:
In 1880 8 children are at home. Emil had died in 1868. The family is living at 513 First Street.
By 1900 Amelia is married in 1898 to Louis Stillwell and Anton is living with Louis and Amelia. They are living at 522 Third Ave.
By 1910 Amelia has changed to Emelie. Louis Emelie and Anton are still at 522 Third St.
1920 Emilie and Louis are living alone on Third Street.

Thanks to Sandra Urbbaniak for supplying all of the photos.

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