The Trefzger Name

Where did the name 'Trefzger' come from?
Do you know what it means?

Hartmut Trefzger from Germany, who is related to the Trefzgers in Canada, tells me that the name comes from the name of a weed. In the Black Forest of south western Germany there is a plant named 'Trefze' that grows in the area. It is wild. It is a weed. It grows everywhere in, and only in the Black Forest.

He also tells me that there is a saying in German:
   "Unkraut vergeht nicht"
     that is,
   "A weed will never die"

In a book on the meaning of German names found in the Rare Book Department of the University of Cincinnati Library the weed Trefze is mentioned. There is also the following entry:

"Trefz, Treffs, also Trefzger - surname for country folk, peasants"

Weeds! Country folk! Peasants!
We definitely can not claim that ‘Trefzger’ came from Royalty or Nobility!
At least, we will never die!

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