Simon Trefzger Family

Family records showed that Anton, Simon (Jr), and Maria Anna came from Wehr, Baden, and that their father’s name was also Simon. It was a great joy to find Anton, Simon(Jr), and Maria Anna’s birth/baptism records in the Later Day Saints (LDS) microfilm records from the Catholic Church in Wehr, Baden. Many other records of unknown brothers and sisters were found.

Simon (Sr)’s birth/baptism record and the record of an unknown older brother (who died the day of his birth) were found. Both records listed the father as “Joseph”. Paul Bourscheidt’s “History and Genealogy” of 1956 states that Simon (Sr)’s father’s name was Franz Trefzger.

The only Joseph born between 15 and 45 years before Simon (Sr) who could have been the father was Fran. Joseph Trefzger born 2/18/1766. So the problem was solved. Simon (Sr)’s father’s name was Franz as in Paul Bourscheidt’s record, and it was also Joseph as shown on Simon (Sr)’s birth/baptism record.

It was possible to trace the family ancestors back to Friedli Trefzger and Maria Thomann who were married in 1656.

Middle names
It is interesting to note that Simon (Sr)’s father, grandfather, and great grandfather were not known by their first names, but by their middle names: Joseph, Jacob, and Jacob.

Paul Bourscheidt did an excellent study of Simon and Katharina Trefzger and their children in 1956. My mother, Bertha Trefzger, kept excellent record of the family's descendants. My cousin, Rev. John Trefzger, corrected my information, particularly on the California relatives. My uncle, Franz Trefzger, and cousin, Fred Berger, offered help and encouragement. And thanks to all of the other family members who brought me up to date on their own families.

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