One Family ???

Are all Trefzgers related?
All Trefsgars, Trefsgers, and all but a few Trefzgers in North America have been traced back and are direct descendants of either Simon Trefzger (born 1788) or Johann Trefzger (born 1751).
All Trefzger ancestors came from the little town of Wehr, Baden in south-western Germany.

Simon's family has been traced back to Friedli Trefzger and Maria Thoman who were married in 1656.
Simon's descendants, Maria Anna, Anton, and Simon Jr, immigrated in 1855, Arnold in 1892, Fred in 1907, and Arnold in 1924.

Johann was born April 4 or 15, 1751. He married Franciska Leber in 1779. His father was Joseph and his mother was Anna Maria.
The first son Martin (born 1779) is the father of Franz Joseph (the revolutionary), Martin (who immigrated to PA in 1851), and Fridolin (the direct ancestor of all of the Trefzgers of Canada).
Johannís second son Johann (1788) is the grandfather of John and Joseph who immigrated to Dayton, OH in 1880 and 1881.
Johannís fourth son Nikolaus is the direct ancestor of Otto who immigrated to Conneticut in 1953.

Until now we have not been able to find a direct link between the two families, however we have just found the possibility of a link between the two Trefzger families.
Hans Jacob Trefzger (born 1/25/1667) married Catharina Eschbach on 9/28/1686. Hans Jacob and Catharina had 4 sons and 5 daughters.
The four sons were:
    Joannes, born 6/10/1688
    Joannes Jacob, born 3/7/1693 (Simon's direct ancestor)
    Fridoling, born 8/31/1701
    Josephus, born 7/12/1712 (possible direct ancestor of Johann's family)

JOHANN (Johann and Joannes were used interchangeably)
In Johann's Catholic Church Family Book record it says that Johann was 67 years old when the record was recorded in 1819. This would put Johann's baptism in 1751 or 1752 depending on when in the year the record was written. There is also the notation that he "died 18 Sep 1824".
In the baptismal records from 1751 and 1752 in Wehr there is a record on page 133 dated 4/4/1751 for a Joannes Baptist Trefzger born to Joseph Trefzger and Anna Maria Hind. It contains the note "died 18 Sep 1824". This information would normally confirm that this is the correct Joannes or Johann.
However there is another baptismal record on page 134 dated 4/15/1751 for a Joannes Trefzger born to Josephus Trefzger and Anna Maria Bruegger. It contains the note "died 18 or 22 Sep 1824". If this Joannes did die on Sep.18, 1824 this could be the correct ancestor.

We can be sure that Johann's father was Joseph Trefzger and that his mother's given name was Anna Maria, but we aren't sure if Johann was baptized on 4/4 or 4/15 in 1751. And we aren't sure of his mother's last name.
Joseph Trefzger and Anna Maria Hind had seven children between 1737-1752.
Joseph Trefzger and Anna Maria Bruegger had ten children between 1730-1751.
If we knew whether Johann was born on 4/4/1751 or 4/15/1751 and if Josephus, born 7/12/1712, was the father of the correct Joannes then we would have a direct link between the two families.
Unfortunately there were 4 other Joseph Trefzgers born in Wehr about that time who also could be Johann's father.

I'm sure that we are all related, and that there is a direct link, but I can't prove it. I'm afraid we will never have proof in this life.

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