Which Joannes?

Joannes Baptista Trefzger born 4/4/1751, or Joannes Trefzger born 4/15/1751?
The name 'John' was written either 'Joannes' or 'Johann' depending on who was writing it.

This families ancestors have been traced back to Johann Trefzger who married Franciska Leber on June 15,1779.

Their family record from the Family Book of 1819 page 43 says that Johann was 67 years old when the record was recorded in 1819. This would put Johann's baptism in 1751 or 1752 depending on when in the year the record was written. There is also the notation that he died 18 Sep 1824.

In the baptismal records from 1751 and 1752 in Wehr there is a record on page 133 dated 4/4/1751 for a Joannes Baptist Trefzger born to Joseph Trefzger and Anna Maria Hind or Hund. It contains the note "+ 18.?1824". This information would normally confirm that this is the correct Joannes.

However there is another baptismal record on page 134 dated 4/15/1751 for a Joannes Trefzger born to Josephus Trefzger and Anna Maria Bruegger. It contains the note "+ 18 or 22.9.1824". If this Joannes did die on Sep.18, 1824 this would be the correct ancestor.

In the death records we found the following:
9/18/1824, Johann Trefzger (farmer), 75 years old.
9/22/1824, Johann Trefzger (laborer), 76 years old.

If we subtract 75 and 76 from 1824 we get birth years of 1749 and 1748 respectively.

We can be sure that Joannes' father was Joseph Trefzger and that his mother's given name was Anna Maria, but we aren't sure if Joannes was baptized on 4/4 or 4/15 in 1751. And we aren't sure of his mother's last name.

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