Family of Joseph Trefzger


Descendants of John (who immigrated in 1880) and Joseph (who immigrated in 1881) suspected that John and Joseph were brothers. It was a great thrill to find the birth/baptism records of a 'Johann' and a 'Joseph' with the same parents in the LDS microfilm records from the Catholic Church in Wehr, Baden. Then we found the father and mother’s family book record showing 6 children including Johann and Joseph. Behind Johann and Joseph’s names was the note “to America”. This confirmed what was suspected.

Otto Trefzger (who immigrated in 1953) was born in Wehr. Otto was able to trace his ancestors back to Nicholas Trefzger born in 1795. We were able to find the records of Nicholas and some of his other ancestors.
The Trefzgers in Canada were able to trace their ancestors back to Fridolin Trefzger born in 1820. The records of Fridolin and some of their other ancestors were found on the LDS microfilm from Wehr.

What a thrill it was to find the Family Book records which tied all of these people into one family.

Another great joy came when we heard from Ben Trefsgar, of Mount Carmel, PA, who said that he was a descendant of Martin Trefzger who immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1850s. Martin was part of this same family. We had known that Franz Joseph and Martin had come to America because of a note in their Family Book record from Wehr, but we had not found them in America. Franz Joseph had no Trefzger descendants in America, and all of Martin’s descendants spell their names either TREFSGAR, or TREFSGER. After a study of Martin’s descendants we found that Martin has more Trefzger descendants than any other Trefzger immigrant.

We were able to trace this family back to a Johann Trefzger born in April 1751. But unfortunately there were 2 Johanns born in April in Wehr and we have no way of being sure which one in the correct one.
Incidently both Johanns had fathers named Joseph Trefzger, and the first name of both mothers was Anna Maria.

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