Kachelofenbau Trefzger
1810 -

Simon(Sr)'s pottery business moved into fireing stove tiles and then into stoves, fireplaces and heating systems. The firm 'Kachelofen Trefzger' traces it's origin back to Simon(Sr).
See the web site 'http://www.kachelofentrefzger.de'.

1810 Simon Trefzger(Sr) became a Master Potter. Simon married Juliana Gruny.

1814 Their first son Joseph Trefzger. He also became a Master Potter.

1842 When 28 years old Joseph took over the business. (Simon(Sr) was 54 years old.) The business grows due to industrialization.

1850 Joseph married Maria Ritter.

1854 Joseph Trefzger built a large building for the business.

1864 Their son Franz Trefzger was born in 1864.

1892 Franz Trefzger married in Paulina Meier. They had 2 sons, Joseph and Herman. Herman went into the business

1914 The war years interrupted Herman Trefzgerís running of the business. He married Bertha Buehler. They had 2 daughters and a son Berthold. Berthold learned the trade and works for the business.

1950 Herman built a new residential and commercial building for the business. They took on an apprentice.

1968 Berthold Trefzger took over the business. His wife Hildegard Hofmann was a great help with the office work. The business grows. They hire 4 journeymen.

1981 Berthold builds a new factory and warehouse in the industrial area of Hemmet. Daughter Kornelia Trefzger studies the Ceramic trade in Baden, Baden.

1987 Her friend Wolfgang Mueller gets his Masterís certificate in Stuttgart. Korneklia and Wolfgang marry.

1995 Kornelia and Wolfgang have a son Maximilian Trefzger.

1996 Kornelia and Wolfgand Mueler take over the business.

New technologies in the tiled stove, exhaust emission standards and Individual customer requirements make it necessary to evolve continuously.
Kornelia advises in the exhibition rooms and plans stove designs.
Wolfgang performs installation, as well as on-site service for customers.

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